There is nothing more interesting than record down the conversation of two birds. Thankfully, I was present that day to hear close to them. Trees, animals are where our nature is. Birds are one of those beautiful creatures of nature which fills our life with their chirping voice. Anyway let’s come straight to their conversation.

Bird 1: ‘We are in Danger.’ She looked pale a lot when she stares at Bird 2.

Bird 2: ‘Ummm.. But what we can do?’ Bird 2 replied in a serious voice to Bird 1.

Bird 1 : ‘I am utterly scared of thinking that whether our kids will survive after our death. See, everywhere birds are dying.’

Bird 2 : ‘Hmmm.. This temperature rise is all of a sudden, very difficult for anyone to turn up to the same. Really, it is a pathetic situation for birds and other animals. It seems to me we will be the one dying first.’

Bird 1 : ‘It’s not sudden. Nature has given a lot of warnings from a very early time, but proper steps were not taken.’

Bird 2 : ‘ Yeah.. True that! Nature has not changed in sudden. Rains have been decreasing throughout the years. Seasons has taken a long time to change its course. Heats didn’t reach high in a week or months, but in thousands years.’

Bird 1 : ‘Yes.. Those were the Red Alarms. But nothing much has been done even after that.’

Bird 2 : ‘Yes, we were warned. You are right. Nature is our mother. She can’t be so cruel suddenly to her children.’

Bird 1 : ‘No, she is not. Neither she was before. She was degraded by humans, but still she was nurturing us silently. When degradation was at high, she was setting alarms to remind us; because that must have been creating a big unbalance in her. We have forced her to die. But neither the humans stopped nor they tried to fix the wrong.’

Bird 2 : ‘Yes, there were many opportunities to do things. But no fruitful things had been done.’

Bird 1 : ‘So do here we die at first?’


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lady with her pen

I am professionally a banker. But when I write something, my soul gets connected to my words. It become spiritual. And that is the best thing I find about writing. I always want to write something with a hidden message. I believe that writing is a great field where someone can give their contribution to the society.

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