How do I tell my husband?


My heart was crushing down and slipping into a deep hole while everyone was enjoying the beautiful quartet playing on stage. I am a liar.. I have betrayed him. I don’t fit for his wife. He is such a good and caring husband. The one thing he always wanted was to see me smile. But I have proven to be his bad wife. Sitting on this dinner table, all I was thinking that how do I tell him the truth. How do I tell that I couldn’t stop my lover to enter our bed room when you left home for office. And your wife is unsure about the father of the baby about whom you are so much excited. Yes, this marriage was forced and I was forbidden to marry my lover because we have variations in caste.

But today I am shamed by myself for keeping unlawful relationship with my ex. My husband is yet unknown about it, but how do I answer myself? I don’t know why, I can’t pretend to be his good wife like other days. He is super happy from yesterday after I told him about my pregnancy. He wanted to surprise me with a dinner date. So, we are here. But my restless and sinful mind is nowhere to enjoy the quartet like others. He is lost with his drink in the soulful music. And I had a different quartet playing in my mind; a mix music out of betray, lie, fake and dirt. All the four corners of my heart was reasoning to this music. There was a question the music was asking to me, ‘Should I keep this unlawful child?’


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lady with her pen

I am professionally a banker. But when I write something, my soul gets connected to my words. It become spiritual. And that is the best thing I find about writing. I always want to write something with a hidden message. I believe that writing is a great field where someone can give their contribution to the society.

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