Do you want to travel the world?

Come with me,

I will take you wherever you want

In a very comfort way.

Do you seek knowledge?

I am an unlimited source of knowledge.

Just tell me what do you want to know.

Want to connect with people?

I have many ways to do that.

Are you bored?

I can entertain you for hours.

You will not even feel the need of your family.

I am the Power.

I am the very need of every human.

I have addicted billions,

I can addict you too.

I have separated many,

I can separate you too.

You will laugh, you will smile, you will enjoy

But you will never know

When I have locked you

In a Micro life in Micro me (mobile).


Published by

lady with her pen

I am professionally a banker. But when I write something, my soul gets connected to my words. It become spiritual. And that is the best thing I find about writing. I always want to write something with a hidden message. I believe that writing is a great field where someone can give their contribution to the society.

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