I am not a foreigner..
But for people from here, I am a foreigner.

They stare at my eyes and I hate that.
They question about my pronunciation.
They make fun of my name.
They ask me again and again about the mystery behind my peculiar surname.
They laugh at me now and then.
They bully me every time I pass by them.
They make fun of where I belong to.
They say “Go back to your place”
But I am Indian, by birth and by blood.

I am an Indian citizen just like them.

I don’t understand why they hate me so much.

I don’t understand why they don’t accept me.
I don’t understand why they hit me today with stone saying I am non- Indian.
Lying on bed in hospital,
I wonder, would they really do the same to a real foreigner?
If not, then why to us?
North-eastern state people’s looks, language and food culture don’t make them out from India’s map. Every state has its own culture in everything. Then why we are discriminated? Why they make us feel foreigner? Why we are not accepted as Indians to other parts of India. India is a country of varieties in everything. But why our part of variety is not accepted to the rest?
I am not a foreigner..
Please stop making us feel one such.


Published by

lady with her pen

I am professionally a banker. But when I write something, my soul gets connected to my words. It become spiritual. And that is the best thing I find about writing. I always want to write something with a hidden message. I believe that writing is a great field where someone can give their contribution to the society.

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