Two Hands

Ankita : “… and that’s how everything is so messed up in my office. Right now few boys have been appointed to look over all the designing and technical works. Actually, boys are very good in technical works. And even in accounts department also, boys have been appointed. Accounting girls can’t do as good as boys. You know I have so much work…”

Rest of the words didn’t enter my head even though I was sitting just opposite to her in the coffee shop in the same round table. Oh! Great.. my girl friend also holds the same perception like others. Seriously! There is no way that you can break this conditioning.

I extended my two hands towards her and interrupted her in between and said “Listen to me carefully what I am going to say now. It’s my own discovery. And it is very special and at the same time very important also.” She received a shock with my words.

“What’s that?” Ankita said.

“See.. these are my two hands. Same no of cells, same no of veins, same no of bones, same ability .. everything is same. Now, if one day God tells all humans that from now on they can have only one hand and ask them to choose which hand they will want to keep, what do you think which hand they will prefer?”

“Probably right hand” Ankita replied

Me: “Why so?”

Ankita: “Because it is more useful”

Me: “Ok.. So as because left hand is not as useful as right hand, so it becomes all right that left hand is cut out from body. But how come it is less useful? Both have the same ability, right?”

She maintained silence after that.

Me: “When I was a child, nobody created any differentiation to me between my hands. But as I grew up, I started copying my family members, my brothers, sisters, elders. I saw, every where everyone is doing the same. I was being told to do almost everything from my right hand. So left hand was LEFT in a supporting role. Now moving this way for centuries, now left hand firmly believes that they are unable to do any things by their own and they are born to be supportive to the other. Whereas, in reality they were never let to be of their own rather than being supportive . For humans, in critical time, they may tell God to give only right hand because left one is not that useful for them as compare to the right one. And do you know, I see the condition of women as left hand. They are so badly conditioned by the society that now they firmly believes that they are unable, they see themselves as less in everything. They believe that they can’t do things by themselves. They are just accepting everything what society is saying them. They even don’t feel that every time by saying they are unable, they are actually degrading themselves. If it goes on such way, and they don’t protest and take the charge on themselves, then the day is not far when society will ask to cut out women totally.” I stopped but seems she still want to hear some more from me.

“Have I bored you? Sorry.. you may have to bear torture sometimes for being a writer’s girl friend.” I laughed.

Ankita : “You know, I am stunned seeing that being a male you think about women in such a critical manner! I think I am luckiest girl friend ever.” She laughed..


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lady with her pen

I am professionally a banker. But when I write something, my soul gets connected to my words. It become spiritual. And that is the best thing I find about writing. I always want to write something with a hidden message. I believe that writing is a great field where someone can give their contribution to the society.

7 thoughts on “Two Hands”

  1. Great post!!! Loved the way you have perfectly comapred women’s situation with left hand… Those who think less about themselves should definitely learn and evolve.. and best way to beat this is raising new generation with equality 🤗 Good upbringing really makes a difference…

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