WHEN do I became A MEANDER?

I was a very ambitious person since childhood. My parents made me to see dreams. They said we all need to have a dream to become something, and we need to work for it. We will achieve our dreams through our hard work and dedication. But in the span of life, I don’t know when I became a meander! I think it has started from the time when I was asked to dream but alongside were given two options to dream, either Doctor or Engineer. I was confused many times, which one to choose.. which one is easier to do.. which one I can do. When I was in class, I had a straight goal to achieve 1st position, but when I reached to the position to choose career, I could not decide. I think that was another big turning point to be a meander. Then after I made another mistake of falling in love in the most crucial two year in between secondary and higher secondary exams. That made me totally out of the course. My exam percentage fall, my entrance rank fall. Instead of a high rated college I joined a college which I never heard name of. Instead of choosing between engineering and medical, courses were choosing me. With such low marks, my dream of becoming a high category doctor and engineer failed. Then I accepted and admitted to what I received. I lost the desire of becoming something and I became just something. I never checked the destiny of the path I was walking into. I kept on going in flow. Once I finished and found myself in a stage of nowhere. I took what people think good for me as my career choice. I didn’t know where I was moving forward again. No where I got the right idea. Neither I ever evaluated myself. Actually I didn’t understand that I need to evaluate myself. Course ends, then again opt for something whose destination is again unknown to me. I was choosing that because many people has chosen that and they are going in this path. I yet had ambition that time, may be that was I wanted to become successful. But how could I, walking in this aimless way?

One day I stopped, when my self-realization strike me that I am lost. I was not encouraged to do anything anymore. I became a still person. Life was in a comfort zone, but it was totally distasteful. Feeling happy when Friday arrives, looking for a weekend for entertainment and to refresh myself. Again the Sunday pain for going to office again on Monday. No matter how many days of leave I take, Sunday is always painful and Friday is always a happy day. Being a meander is a way of life? Is it we all should be? No aim, nothing to achieve, no dreams to strive for? Could I even break it? Could I find an aim again and be specific about it? Will I become non-meander on the way?

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I am professionally a banker. But when I write something, my soul gets connected to my words. It become spiritual. And that is the best thing I find about writing. I always want to write something with a hidden message. I believe that writing is a great field where someone can give their contribution to the society.

One thought on “WHEN do I became A MEANDER?”

  1. MBBS and Engineering these are the branches are always chosen by the best students of our society and why should not as because these branches are providing more sources to generate more revenue. But there are some branches in between those are always neglected by the good or I must say best students. Accidentally if sometime someone from that best zone come also they started feeling depressed and those branches never get the opportunity to become stronger as like MBBS and Engineering. My kind request to all those students that dear all first bencher will you please take one last step towards your career whether you will choose the career. Then see how the society will get profit from that and you will started living an exciting life.

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